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Why Fluid Flow™ Injections May Be Just What You Need

Why Fluid Flow™ Injections May Be Just What You Need

Your feet may not be the biggest parts of your anatomy, but they’re one of the most complicated. In one foot alone, you have 26 bones, 33 joints, and dozens of ligaments — not to mention the network of nerves and blood vessels.

You think with such a complex operation, we’d take better care of our feet. Alas, even our best intentions can’t prevent them from taking a beating daily. Your feet absorb upwards of 120% of your body weight when you walk and up to 275% if you’re running.

With numbers like that it’s easy to see how your feet can wind up needing a bit of TLC after a while. 

That’s where Fluid Flow™ Injections come in. 

Dr. Maurice Aiken and our team at Bay Breeze Foot & Ankle Specialists are proud to offer a minimally invasive way to heal your feet from the inside out. Here’s what you should know. 

They address a wide range of aches and pains

Have you ever been turned down for a treatment based on your condition? That won’t be the case with Fluid Flow injections. Whether you’re limping along with a busted Achilles tendon ora sprain has sidelined you, this advanced treatment is likely an option for you. 

We can also use Fluid Flow injections to treat bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis, and other injuries

They’re an all-natural option

Fluid Flow injections are allografts. What does that mean exactly? An allograft is tissue from a donor of the same species as the recipient but not identical (genetically speaking). Fluid Flow injections are derived from the amniotic fluid found within the placenta. 

What’s more natural than the womb? 

If you’re looking for pain relief that doesn’t come laced with a laundry list of impossible-to-pronounce ingredients, Fluid Flow is an excellent option for you. 

They work with your body

Instead of masking your symptoms with temporary relief, Fluid Flow injections work with your body to help you heal. Fluid Flow contains a complex combination of growth factors and cytokines (proteins that help your cells communicate) that activate your body’s healing process. 

Because of this, your body has the chance to address the cause of your pain naturally, with no added inflammatory activity and no scarring. 

Once injected, your body quickly gets to work repairing, replacing, and regenerating tissues and reducing inflammation. What do you get? Less pain is the result of genuine healing. 

You don’t have to worry about downtime

Maybe your pain has you panicked about the potential for surgery. While there are some severe causes of pain that do require surgical intervention, we aim to avoid that whenever possible. 

And with Fluid Flow injections, you can rest assured that this minimally invasive treatment won’t come with downtime. 

Relief comes quickly

One of the worst parts of trying to get rid of pain is the countless trips to the doctor’s office. Fluid Flow is different. Though regenerative medicines like Fluid Flow injections are cumulative and work best with a few treatments over time, many of our patients notice a significant improvement in their symptoms after their first treatment.

What else can you do?

Want to get the most out of each injection? You can maximize your treatments and find relief even faster by following these simple foot and ankle care tricks:

Above all else, always listen to your body. If you’re in the middle of an activity or have been on your feet for a while, your body lets you know it’s time to take a break. We strongly encourage you to listen to these warning signs to prevent further injury and damage and avoid reversing any progress you’ve made.

Tired of running in circles looking for pain relief? We want to discuss Fluid Flow injections and our other regenerative medicines. Call our friendly staff at 727-285-9686 or use our online booking tool to schedule an appointment today. 

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